The Cutest Purses for Girly Women ~ Fashion bags 2012

Minggu, 18 Agustus 2013

The Cutest Purses for Girly Women

Is Your Purse Cute?

Are you girly too?

'Fess up ladies! Moment of truth! Is your purse cute?

No.... I have a boring black or brown purse.....

spirituality says:

I guess it's boring. Very practical, certainly brown. Just right though... a bit rugged (the leather is rugged). But then I would not think of calling myself a girly woman.

Yes!! I have a cute and colorful girly purse!

bikerministry says:

Most of mine are hand made or handpicked from my daughter-in-law when she travels internationally. Just saying, mine are the best because I design them, or get them as gifts. But with that said, I also have a practical bag that is small and holds essentials for when I ride my motorcycles for thousands of miles. Got it at REI!!

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