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Marc Jacobs New Handbag Trends

Marc Jacobs Does it Again in Unique Way

There's a lot of enfaces on the ladies handbags that have been the core interest of marc Jacobs. This year alone the company has invested in new brands of ladies handbags such as the hello, precious-printed shoulder bags.

The most amazing thing about marc Jacobs collections is that it has been a unisex presentation for some time now, and this year more than any in the past, the company has invested a lot in the male hand bags leaving our female counter parts feeling a little envious of what the male spices got to carry.

The new marc Jacobs men's bags are uniformly luxurious, interesting and functional because they are made to suit the basic needs of a common man in terms of space, colour and size. The company's selection of colours is what amazes many people because they have factored all the colours that are of interest to a man.

Marc Jacobs' shows have become a center of interest to many including the front-row celebrities, leading designers and very popular political figures. The reason behind this popularity is the surprising set designs, the passionate stories that emerge from the after-parties and the knowledge that marc Jacobs is a key pillar of the fashion industry.

Marc Jacobs designs are interesting because we never know where Marc will turn next, but wherever he goes, the greater part of the fashion world will go with him in a short period of time. Mainly for accessories enthusiasts, marc Jacobs' handbag dream will play out far and wide across the entire fashion industry.

Marc Jacobs Company is unique because of the way its designers attach their handles, the selection of types and colors of hardware to be used, the shape of their corners and finish of their leathers. All of those things form a fine trademark for their products.

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Hign quality Replica Jimmy Choo handbags you can get with lower price
Hign quality Replica Jimmy Choo handbags you can get with lower price

Classic Handbags for Women

Here's how they carried their purses in the middle ages

Both men and women wore belt pouches to hold their valuables

Renaissance Merchant with Belt Pouch
You can see this merchant's money pouch hanging from his "girdle," or belt. Because clothing didn't have pockets then, people had small purses or pouches made that they could hang from their belts, keeping their hands free for riding or fighting off robbers.

This picture of a medieval merchant is part of a 12th century manuscript called the Hortus Deliciarum. The word "mercator" is Latin for "merchant." In New Testament times Judas carried the disciples' money in a purse and bought provisions as needed. He would not have held it in his hands, however, but would have hung the pouch off his belt, in a similar fashion to this merchant from the 1100s.

Click here to learn more about this photographic art print at

The President and Jacqueline Kennedy arriving in Dallas... November 22, 1963

Notice the classic lines of her black handbag. It's etched forever in my memory, the outfit she wore that day.

President and Mrs Kennedy arrive in Dallas
By Cecil W. Stoughton [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Travel Purses: 9 Best Styles

1) Three-way Convertible Security Bag

The Three-Way Convertible Security Bag is a travel purse perfect for the woman on the go, especially if you'll be somewhere that you want some extra security. The strap includes a steel cable, which prevents any thief from slashing the strap to make off with your goods. Zipper locks protect you from pickpockets, as well as from accidentally spilling the contents. Special extra? It's even machine washable!

2) Baggallini Urban Backpack

If you want a travel purse that's a bit larger, the Baggallini Urban Backpack is a great alternative. You can wear it as a backpack, or slung across the front of your body, which is more secure. Whether you're out on a hiking trail or off on a shopping spree, the hand-free aspect can be very handy.

3) Ameribag Healthy Back Bag

When you're traveling, it's easy to end up carrying more in your purse than you do at home -- guidebooks, cameras, and a lot more. This can be hard on your back and shoulders, and this purse is the solution. The Healthy Back Bag is specially designed to be ergonomic and reduce stress on back and neck. The leather models are very durable - I've owned one for years, and it's traveled many thousands of miles with me.

4) Travel Wallet

You don't always want to lug the big travel purse with everything. Sometimes you want to go as light as possible, and that's where this Travel Wallet is ideal. It's a small bag that's designed to keep the basics handy, including your personal documents, identification, and other small items. It's also flexible enough that you can wear it as a purse, or around your waist.

5) Canvas Travel Handbag

For something sturdy and attractive, a good option is the Canvas Travel Handbag. With three large compartments, it's easy to stay organized. Zipper pockets provide added security, and there are places for iPod, camera, and keys. This one will stand up to the rigors of travel, and do it in style.

6) Travelon Slim-line Messenger Bag

If you would prefer a sling style travel purse, then a great option is the Travelon Slim-line Messenger-Style Shoulder Bag. This purse is big enough to carry all your day-to-day basics. The separate cell phone pocket comes in handy. And best of all you can wear it as a messenger bag, or just toss it over one shoulder.

7) Triple Zip Bag

If style is just as important to you as function, then the Triple Zip Bag is one you'll want to consider. This leather travel purse looks just as good for an evening out as it does for a day of sightseeing. It's got zipper compartments and organizer pockets too, but does it all while looking great.

8) Dopp Deluxe Organizer Tote Bag

If you're looking for organization, the Dopp Deluxe Organizer Tote Bag has it all. This moderate-sized bag has a series of compartments and special holders to keep everything you need well organized. You'll find paper, pens, calculators, and whatever you need in a jiffy. No digging through a large compartment, where the item you want invariably sank to the bottom!

9) The Bohemian

Finally, you could opt for something a little more technologically advanced, such as the Bohemian Travel Purse. Stylish and fun, it combines the functionality of a good travel purse with entertainment too. This purse includes a connection port for your iPod or MP3 player, making it a great companion on your travels.

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Make a Fashion Statement with the Latest David Jones Bags Collection!

Why Women Love David Jones Bags

Wondering why women like designer handbags so much? Here are some of the top reasons...

There are many reasons why women simply adore designer handbags. To name a few -

1. Most stylish people like to go with the trend. By looking good - they feel good! A David Jones bag is preferred by many for this very reason. These bags compliment an outfit big time and make a woman look good.

2. David Jones handbags are reliable. Another reason why women go for designer handbags is because of their durability. A leather handbag can last for years.

3. David Jones bags have plenty of room for your necessities. Most women have a lot to carry around. Their makeup, cash, accessories, cell phone and so on. Designer handbags usually are spacious and roomy enough to carry all the items that a woman deems important.

Apart from these reasons, it goes without saying that women love following the latest fashion trends. Possessing luxurious products makes them feel important and most importantly they feel like they are holding a precious item envied by many.

How Do I Know Whether my David Jones Handbag is Authentic or Not???

How Do I Know Whether my David Jones Handbag is Authentic or Not???


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Best Cute Purses and Fashion Handbags 2013

More great bags, purses, handbags, messenger bags and laptop bags

  • Purse for iPad 2, HD for women: purses and handbags for Kindle and iPad The iPad is just great. It is light, easy to use and has just enough functionality to replace the laptop in the office. In fact, for many people it will replace...

  • Best iPad and iPad2 bag for men and women Don't you love your iPad? I sure love mine! I take it everywhere. However, it does require a slightly larger handbag than I'd otherwise carry and some of my...

  • Best cute rolling laptop luggage, bags and backpacks I've found you eight wheeled laptop cases: from light for the office, to bulky and able to store you paperwork and overnight cloths. Rolling laptop bags are...

  • Best Women's Leather Laptop Bags When it comes to choosing leather laptop bags for women the search can be somewhat extensive. Finding a stylish ladies leather laptop bag is important as well...

  • iPad Messenger Bags for Men, also for Kindle and Netbooks Isn't it just a bit ridiculous that men still need their women to keep keys, ipad, ipod, wallet for them? Fortunately, with the rise of the iPad, the larger...

  • Cute Macbook Air sleeves and designer 13 inch laptop cases I recently bought a 13.3 inch laptop. I had to look all over my home town to find a cute sleeve for it. When I finally found a shop that had some, it turned...

  • Cute wheeled bags, rolling backpacks Find yourself a cute, pretty and practical rolling bag or wheeled backpack. I've found you bags in all kinds of colors: red, pink, orange, aqua blue etc....

  • rooCase Chromebook Carry Bags If you are searching for Stylish and Affordable Chromebook carrying bags you've reached the right place. Featured on this Squidoo Lens are carrying bags for...

  • Best Kindle Fire HD Bags If you have someone on your gift list who has a Kindle Fire, giving them a bag or purse to carry their Kindle in is a great idea. Then again it might be something...

  • MiiM and ESME Carrying Bags for Chromebooks MiiM and ESME are two separate brands which offer great carrying bags for Google Chromebooks. While ESME offers Neoprene Skin Sleeves and Chromebook Cases with...

  • Google Chromebook skins for Acer Chromebooks So you've purchased a new Acer Chromebook and are looking for the coolest looking Decal Skin Stickers to dress up your beauty? You've reached the right place...

  • Chromebook Laptop Cases, Sleeves and Bags Your Chromebook deserves good protection in the form of a sleeve or padded bag or case. Faux Suede makes a stylish protection for your Chromebook Laptop. Suede...

  • Best Cute Purses and Fashion Handbags What would you be without a handbag? I resisted using one for years, but now I don't go anywhere without my handbag. In fact, I can't imagine why it's not a...

  • Best Bags Christmas, Stylish handbags, Fun and Cute backpacks and more Bags are a universal need - they make great Christmas and Birthday gifts, they help us carry our laptops, our purses carry phones, note books, keys, make up...

  • Stylish Camera Bags for Women Photographers Are you looking for a stylish camera bag for either yourself or the woman photographer in your life? As with any bag, the ideal camera bag will be one that suits...

  • Chromebook Sleeves by CaseCrown: Double Memory Foam Cases Chromebooks are special, they are the harbingers of true cloud computing. It makes sense to carry Chromebooks, or any other special device, in cases which will...

  • Cute iPad 2 cases and Netbook sleeves Laptop sleeves are beautiful, cool or pretty ways to protect that precious piece of equipment. Whether your iPad is mostly used for work, gaming or staying in...

  • Best camera laptop backpack There really is only one great backpack that protects both your high end camera and your laptop while also being great for your back. It's the Lowepro Fastpack...

  • Best Kindle 3 Covers and Padded Cases Christmas Are you looking for Kindle covers and cases to provide protection for your digital reader or the Kindle Fire tablet? Are you not sure which would be better for...

  • Cute Pink Laptop Sleeves and Netbook Cases Does pink ever go out of style? Judging by the popularity of pink laptop sleeves, you would not think so. I've found you the best and cutest pink laptop cases...

  • Surface Tablet Purse Christmas Did you ask Santa for an MS Surface Tablet for Christmas? Are you thinking that you better get a purse or handbag to both carry it and to protect it during your...

  • Best laptop bags for school For school there's really only two choices when it comes to laptop bags: a messenger bag that also includes laptop protection and a backpack. Personally I recommend...

  • Best 13 Inch Laptop Bag Christmas Most people get a laptop for the ease of being able to take their computer with them to work, school and trips but with that mobility comes the need for something...

  • New Coach Handbags & Purses Coach has been part of my lifestyle since I was old enough to buy my own purses. They are not only incredibly well made, but usually their styles...

  • Best Buddhism and Buddha bags Cute and beautiful bags inspired by the wisdom of the Buddha and Buddhism. Like the Buddha bag on the left, which refers to the doctrine of karma as it says...

  • Cute Camera Laptop Rucksacks Buy the very best camera laptop backpack. My best camera laptop backpack review is just what you need to decide if purchasing a camera laptop backpack...

  • Rolling Laptop Bags for Men Christmas A thoughtful gift for the professional who travels a lot with his job is a rolling laptop bag for men. If his work has him needing to travel and take his laptop...

  • Best Kindle 3 Sleeves Christmas One thing that does not come with a Kindle when you purchase it is something to protect it from scratches. There are many options for Kindle Sleeves to offer...

  • Travel Cosmetic Cases Your travel cosmetic case helps you keep your cosmetics organized and easy for you to find what you need on a cruise or business trip. These are also called cosmetic train cases.

Best bags and purses

Leather Laptop Bags for Women and Ladies
Are you as tired as I am of bags that wear out after a year? Well, with genuine leather bags you won't have that problem. Yes, you'll pay a bit more, but then again you get what you paid for.
Best cute rolling laptop bag for women
Us ladies want a laptop bag that is light, looks cute and of course protects that laptop. Rolling laptop bags have the added advantage of being better for our backs. No sling bag or backpack can compare to the comfort of a wheeled laptop bag.
Best stylish iPad 2 bags for women
I just love my iPad. I take it everywhere. But it does need some protection. I use the first generation iPad cover by Apple. Shown on the left is a CaseCrown cover that protects your iPad, looks cute and can function as a stand as well. It is very much like that first generation iPad cover I use.
Best bags
Large selection of bags for all purposes
Cool Cute Bags - Cute stylish bags, purses, handbags and cases
Need some protection for your 13 inch Macbook Air? Are you a little confused by the terminology when it comes to purchasing a case or sleeve to carry your laptop in?

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    i got a betsey johnson purse and wallet for school and i feel so girly bc i never get stuff like this

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Fringe Bags - An Online Shopping Guide

Celebrities Love Fringe Bags!

And you can love them too!

One of the reasons why this style is so much popular in handbags is that many celebrities love them! From Olsen sisters to Kate Hudson, many celebrities prefer to wear them casually and formally both. Some noticeable fringe bag lover celebrities include Miley Cyrus, Haylie Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Paris Hilton. Most of them love J.J Winters Fringe Bag that can be found both on Amazon and Shopstyle (see the next section).

Have a look at the celebs's style of wearing fringe bags!

Where to Buy Fringe Bags Online

Some online stores where you would find the best fringe bags...

Fringe bags are quite easy to find whether you buy them online or at a designer's. These are available at prices everyone can afford. You can buy them for as low as $10! Usually price ranges with the material and design. Designer fringe bags are a bit expensive.

Some online stores to buy fringe bags from are:

Fringe Bags: Some of My Picks

Choose if you like these...

Browsing these online stored I chose some for myself. Here they are for you to look at with the source links:

1. Gypsy Suede Fringed Cross-body Bag

I love cross-body bags when you need your hands somewhere else. I loved this bag for its color, material (I love suede) and fabulous fringe.

You can get it at Banana Republic for $230.


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Best Way to Purchase a Replica Handbag

Our Step by Step Guide Unveils the Secrets of Handbags:

Finest Handbag

Latest, fashionable and simple handbags are unequivocally ideal for young ladies who want their handbags give more outcomes. When choosing a handbag, first have a deep look for the convenient pockets to store and get easy access to small devices. Armani bags are designed with best pockets for storing all sorts of material in chamber sized pockets.

Authentic design

First impression counts. Armani handbags will provide the latest designs fulfilling your needs and desires. Classy fashion will obviously lend you a sophisticated and elegant look, enabling you to be the best center of attention. Make sure your handbag shouldn't have extra fashioned.

Summer choice

In summers, the power to immediately lighten u from the crowd is simply possible by using a white and pink color. It is certain that no one can deny the versatility of white color, hence go and grab a white handbag to get more attraction. Armani bags are the most sophisticated choice with lots of colors. Now don't worry that your handbag may get spilled by wine or finger dirt. Armani bags still resists and gets clean easily without getting damaged.


Most women usually prefer tiny handbags that can carry keys, wallet, lipstick and cell phone. But, others wish to carry around everything with them. You must choose the fashion and size that's right for your choice. Armani handbags are specifically designed that best suits your personality. You may choose the best sizes at your own will.


Satchels are considered the most perfect handbags for daily use. Armani designs the satchel style handbags in a variety of colors and sizes. With their double handles, wide and flat interiors turns these bags as the appropriate choice for everyone, willing to carry day-to-day accessories with them.


From leather to satin, the fine fabric handbag always last longer. Before buying any handbag, make sure it should be made out of a durable material. Leather, canvas twill, and sturdy PVC material are long lasting elements that are used specially in Armani Handbags.

If you want to buy a good-looking, classy designed with an appropriate size as a gift for your family or friend but, you are not sure what to get. Just let your feelings flow like water and step ahead for an Armani Handbag. You will find the feelings attached with every bag you will hold. Be sure not to miss the latest colors of replica armani handbag.

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My best replicas Alexander Wang Handbags to buy
My best replicas Alexander Wang Handbags to buy

Trending Pink Bags this Year

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The Best Pink Gift Ideas for Her

Top Gifts Girls Should Have -It's the Top 8 Gifts for Girls. Basically they are the best selling pink items from different brands of laptop computer, cellphones, bags, and cameras. They are listed as the best pink gifts women should have, that a lot of women have bought and made best pink gift reviews for each pink item.

Best Pink Laptop Computers -It's a variety of pink laptop brands that are best selling, high-quality pink laptops, top rated pink laptop computer, and have best pink laptop reviews from real people bought the items.

Best Pink Cell Phones for 2013 -It's a good selection of best pink cellphones from top rated cell phone brands (samsung, nokia, sony ericason, etc.), that sold high-quality pink cellphones online. They are the best list of pink cellphones with numerous customer reviews.

Most Popular Pink Digital Cameras in 2013 -It's the best pink cameras from different brands like canon, nikon, kodak, samsung, sony, etc. They are the top selling pink cameras with best pink camera reviews from different people who bought it.

Best Pink Camera for Kids -It's a variety of pink digital cameras made solely for kids. Basically, those pink cameras for kids are for sale from amazon, with high-ratings from customer reviews, and you can find the most-recommended cameras for your kids.

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28 Inch Hard Side Zebra Suitcase
Best Northface Backpacks

buy burberry bags online


A British Classic

If a classic has ever been defined, the entry should begin with Burberry. This London-based luxury fashion design house has been manufacturing its distinct plaid designs for over a century, but just began making a splash into fragrances in 1981. Burberry is known for producing top quality, top of the line designs in everything they make. Perfumes are no exception. Burberry's current line of fragrances includes seven for women and six for men.

The most noted Burberry fragrance is simply called Burberry(available for both men and women). You will also find Brit by Burberry, Burberry London, Weekend by Burberry, Touch, The Beat, Summer, Brit Red, Brit Sheer, Baby Touch (a unisex fragrance), Sport, and Burberry Summer Ladies. The flagship scent for

Burberry is best described as a sugar and spice bouquet that captures the playful London-chic spirit. This icon, along with its sister fragrance Burberry Brit, has won a Fifi Award (the highest honor in perfumery). It has been Burberry's most lucrative fragrance. Like most of the line's other fragrance bottles, this Burberry bottle quickly became a collector's item. The bottle is covered in the signature Burberry Haymarket check design that became popular in the designer's trench coats in the 1920s.

The iconic Burberry fragrance for women is not your typical ladies scent. It is an oriental/spicy mixture, all the while still being decidedly feminine. Top notes included are an arousing mixture of lavender, bergamot, thyme and mint. Middle notes contain the intoxicating geranium, sandalwood, moss and cedar. The Burberry base consists of amber and tonka bean.

Burberry Women is a warm, musky fragrance that is subtle and suitable as an everyday scent. It can be described as the girl next door; she was schooled to be sweet and sophisticated, and always approachable. Women will love that Burberry is not floral, yet oh-so feminine. It its sweet, but not too sweet. It brings to mind times of staying in, with a special someone, watching a movie, fire place roaring, and a relaxing time on hand. Burberry can always be in your wardrobe because it's such an effortless. It can be one of your go to perfumes for this very reason. It seems to last forever. Those who are fortunate enough to catch a whiff will be charmed. This fragrance is the ultimate in Burberry luxuriousness.

Boy Pack-away Jacket From Burberry

There is seldom a design house as considerate as Burberry. Most brands do not realize mothers?wish to dressy up their little babies as cool as possible. You are to fall in love with this piece of Boy Pack-away Jacket offered by Burberry.

It is a piece of single breasted pack-away jacket with zip and snap button closure at front. It features stand collar with scratch pocket to pack hood at back of neckline, which is to show two different styles with a single clothes. It has an equestrian knight logo and trademark urberry established 1856?inscription embroidered at left arm. There are two front patch pockets with zip closure for kids to keep some little toys or snatches. It has elastic drawstring inside hemline so that the jacket won look loose and can be adjusted. It also features shiny metallic buttons engraves with the Burberry logo. The jacket is made of polyamide, polyester and polyurethane as well as check lining. Therefore, the jacket can be machine washed. The jacket is in the color navy and available at a price of ?30.00.

Burberry Sunglasses

Take care of your Eyes

Eyes are the best medium to express your thoughts and feelings. They are the most beautiful part of the body and require extra care so that your message can reach the heart of your dear one through your eyes. In the past a person was not conscious of the every day changing fashion, but in this age taking care of your self is done in a manner that you remain stylist and fashionable. To look different from others is the basic requirement of almost every single person. Keeping this in mind, stylish sunglasses are the best way to protect your beautiful eyes. Burberry sunglasses give you the look of your choice along with taking care of one of the most sensitive part of the body.

It is easy for a woman or a girl to be stylish because so many accessories are available in the market for them. For a man there is a limited scope, but Burberry sunglasses give them an opportunity to be fashionable along with the sophisticated and modern ways. There is wide variety of Burberry sunglasses for them like Sport mask sunglasses, Engraved square sunglasses, Check engraved sunglasses etc. It possesses different metallic frames which enhance the personality of the one wearing it. There is a lot of craze for stylish sunglasses amongst the youngsters specially college students. It is believed that youngsters set some style statements in the society. Every person needs one of his kinds to suit their persona. So there is a huge variety of sunglasses which attracts the young people as well as their parents, who don't want to be left behind.

In daily life, one has to travel long distances and with that they can't avoid exposure to the sun light. As we know there are so many rays which emanate from sun that are very harmful to our skin and eyes. On a sunny day a Burberry sun glass can protect you from the dangerous radiations. Imagine if the harmful radiations of the sun can damage the Ozone layer, how much harm they can do to your tiny, sensitive, expressive eyes?

The research on harmful effect of UV rays on the eyes is still going on. In order to protect your eyes you need sunglasses which provide 98% or greater protection. Sunglasses made with Polycarbonate lenses are tough, thin and light weight and claim to block 100% UV rays. Burberry sunglasses along with some other brands take the forefront in this realm.

You can get the inexpensive designer eyewear online which are affordable. There are different Burberry accessories available for women e.g. scarves, hats and gloves, wallets, umbrella, media cases and a lot more things. Men's accessories consist of watches, shoes, belts etc. Get your own Burberry Sunglasses and take care of your eyes, because they not only protect your eyes but also help you make your own style statement. To make the world turn around to look at you, Burberry sunglasses is in your reach.

Guy Reyes is the author of this article on Burberry Sun Glass.Find more information about Burberry Sun Glasses here

Burberry Sunglasses Online For Low Price

Burberry had been started inside 1856 by Jones Burberry which is a United kingdom dependent high end style home which manufactures garments along with finishing touches. It is well-known for the distinctive check pattern became one of their most important trademarks and contains already been synonymous with top quality, strength, classicism and also features. Apart from Burberry's brand merchandise which includes its trendy bags and distinctive perfumes, Burberry Sunglasses Glasses.

Nevertheless, due to the huge requirement available in the market Burberry Sunglasses in addition have become the most generally cloned merchandise. On account of this purpose, it is a hard activity to get the nearly all traditional Burberry Sunglasses and eyeglasses goods. Though the help of several online shopping support on the market today, it has become easier to find your selected Burberry Sunglasses and also Glasses products. Burberry online shopping companies function as websites along with aid your chosen Burberry Sunglasses to the most affordable value along with the greatest discount which is available from many well-known Burberry types.

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Senin, 26 Agustus 2013

Christian Bags and Fashion Accessories / Christian Gifts for Women

Christian Purses and Cosmetic Bags for Women

Redeemed Overnight Bag

Redeemed Overnight Tote Bag
This vintage style bag is brown with a patchwork top design. This travel bag is large and roomy, so take it on your church retreats or for an overnight trip! This tote packs a powerful and and inspiratiing Bible verse and message
Message reads:
lovely by design

Ecclesiastes 3:11

Everything Beautiful Makeup Bag

Everything Beautiful Makeup Bag
This bag has purple plaid and floral print mixed design. The front has a pocket that says: wonderfully made.

Redeemed Bag and Toiletry Bag Set

Redeemed Bag and Toiletry Bag Set
Travel with these stylish bags that have a beautiful message of hope!
A fun and trendy gift idea for moms, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends!

Message reads:
lovely by design
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Women's Purses, Lunch Bags and Fashion Accessories

These bags "carry" a spiritual truth, the greatest of these is LOVE! For now there are faith, hope, and love. But of these three, the greatest is love. - 1 Corinthians 13:13

Christian Purse and Makeup Bag Set

Christian Purse and Makeup Bag Set
This purse makes a lovely, meaningful gift for ladies of all ages!

Bible verse and message:
found & treasured
II Thessalonians 2:13

Christian Truly Blessed Insulated Lunch Bag

Christian Truly Blessed - Insulated Lunch Bag

Message on the bag:
truly blessed

Scripture inside bag:
From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16 NIV

Totes and Bags for Teens and Girls

Walk By Faith Tote Bag

Walk By Faith Tote Bag
A great bag for Christian teens or youth. This tote is black, with a center graphic of ladies shoes and teal carrying handles. It has a simple, but powerful, daily reminder that that reads:

Walk By Faith

II Corinthians 5:7 NKJV

Delight Yourself in the Lord Tote Bag

Delight Yourself in the Lord Tote
This cloth bag is cream with a floral and butterfly graphic. This tote is made of oil cloth and easy to wipe clean, has a magnetic snap closure and a lined inside.
It gives an encouraging message for you to remember every day! Reads:

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4 NIV

Hope Is in His Unfailing Love Tote

Hope Is in His Unfailing Love Tote
This bag has a picture of cute girl, sitting under a tree. It has more secure handles then some canvas bags and the oil cloth fabric makes it easy-to-clean.

Bible verse on the bag:

Hope is in His unfailing love.
Psalm 33:18 NIV

Kerusso Totes, Bags, Coin Purses and Wristlets

These Christian fashion accessories are by Kerusso, who is best known for their line of modern T-shirts. I have some cool totes, bags, coin purses and more. The accessories I chose have a mix of modern graphics, Crosses, inspirational messages and some have Scripture quotes on them. Feel free to add to this list and you can vote your favorite one up.

Canvas Tote Bags for School or Shopping

Chrisitan Pink Tote Bag

Sweet Gifts Pink Tote Bag
This cute tote is pink and has a cupcake graphic with this Bible verse:
God richly gives us everything to enjoy.
I Timothy 6:17.

 Trust God Tote Bag

Trust God Tote Bag
This tote has a picture of a cute girl on the front, holding a bunch of balloons. It can be used for church, work or shopping. It is made of durable canvas material and holds almost anything you want to take.

The front reads:
Just Trust God

Scripture verse included:
Guide me in your truth, and teach me, my God... I trust you all day long.

Psalm 25:5 NCV.

Christian Umbrella, Tote Bag and Mugs

This umbrella has a beautiful floral pattern and this Scripture quote:
I will bless the Lord
Psalm 103:2
Makes a a perfect gift for Mother's Day!

Bless the Lord Tote Bag

Bless the Lord Tote Bag
This pretty tote is part of the Bless the Lord, Good Things collection. With a pretty floral print and a light teal color, Psalm 103:2, this tote is perfect to carrying at Spring time Psalm 103:2
There is a special price when you get the tote and matching umbrella!

Good Things Christian Coffee Mug

Good Things Christian Coffee Mug
This coffee mug matches the above umbrella and has this Bible verse on it that reads:
He fills my life with good things!
Psalm 103:5

Christian Encouragement Booklet

Good Things - Encouragement Booklet
This booklet will bless and encourage a woman in your life! More then a card, this booklet has 24 pages of blessings and Bible verses. Get 3 booklets per order. Sample page sentiment:

Enjoy the thought of being absolutely one-of-a-kind
everything about you divinely ordered and wonderfully so.

Scripture quote:
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. Psalm 139:14 NKJV

Zebra and Fun Print Scripture and Icon Bags

Zebra print tote bag

I Can Do all Things - Zebra Print Tote
This zebra print with lime green trim, lime green handles, and lime green . Lined polyester, with double web handles. Has an attached matching coin purse! The embroidered Scripture is " I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13".

The Lord Blesses His People Tote
This vinyl tote with attached matching purse and embroidered Bible verse trim screams trendy! Fully fabric lined with 10" drop, double web handles; flat base. Small purse is ideal for keys, cellphone, change, and essentials. Brown with bold turquoise polka dots; The Lord blesses His people with peace. Psalm 29:11

Eco, Shopping Bags That Show Your Faith

Reusable Shoppers Totes 4-Pack
A fun set of 4 different colors of polyester totes. Each comes with their own clip-on pouches. Easy to attach to your belt loop or bag, and are so pretty with artwork and Scripture. Washable, compact, convenient for groceries, errands, and more.

Lord's Prayer Tote
A royal blue tote with a silk screened graphic of The Lord's Prayer! "Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen."

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