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Jumat, 16 Agustus 2013

A smart street handbag

Street smart - the handbag size, material and colours

The Street Smart handbag is approximately 14X14 inch in size, a handbag in the larger mid range size. The material is strong slightly shiny nylon, woven in a canvas style. My favorite colour was the light warm sandy grey named "dew me". The photos I have taken for this review are made with the hipstamatic app for the Iphone which changes colours a bit. However depending on the light conditions the bag will look diffferently-

Take a look here to see all colors available for this handbag.

On the front of the Street smart bag there is a pocket that can be closed with a zip.

Clever design - enough pockets in the right size at the right place

It was fun to select the bag in the shop. The designers of these bags really care about the needs of their buyers. Enough pockets in the right size at the right place...is what we want.

The Street smart has in total six extra pockets. One big zipper closed pocket is placed on the front. Two smaller zipper closed pockets are hidden on the sides. Inside tha bag there is one zipper closed bigger one and two open pockets.

Two bags on each side can be clsed securely with a zip.

Flawless crafting and durable material made in China

Yes, the handbag is made in China. It impresses with flawless sewing and application of details, which you can examine in the detail photo shots below. The zippers are strong, nothing that will break easily. All seams are done very carefully, buttons and other applications are fixed professionally. The bag has two risers, a short one and a long one, which are 1.5 inch wide for comfortable wear.

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