Carry a funny bag put a little humor into your life ~ Fashion bags 2012

Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013

Carry a funny bag put a little humor into your life

First Stop


Have you heard of this awesome brand? Dog lovers should! They have the cutest handbags. Bags in the shape of dogs. How useful it is? You have plenty of room for keys, purse and your mobile phone. The most important is that you have lots of fun carrying it around.

Photo of some of these bags.

Cute Puppy and bag.

Love this cute pug

Oh Yorkshire Terrier!

Inside these bags, there are plenty of room.

Fuzzy Nation have other accessories too.

Comes with a cute package

How much is the doggy in the window? Woof woof!

One of Fuzzy Nation Ads.

Second Stop


Now these bags are not for you to carry in public.
Us women love our lingerie. We have of course the lazy days bras and undies, but we also love our matchy matchy bras and undies but we have lingerie that cost a bomb just to impress our love and intimate one or to make us feel wonderful. However we always have problems packing them when we travel. Many times I have to unpop my bra cups after 14 hours of flying and sometimes it never looked the same again after that 14 hours flight.

I found these bags from Brag Company. They make the most suitable bags for our delicate expensive lingerie. A bag for your bras and a matching bag for your undies.

View more of Brag Company

bra bags and panty bags.

This is a Buxom Series.

Third Stop


If you love a good sling bag but still looks cute when you sling it over your shoulders for an outing then Kissycake Bags are for you. First of all, it's very affordable and I believe it's a great gift too! The materials are of polyester and cotton and the design simple and cute.

All Kissycake bags.

Unfortunately Kissycake has no video clip.

Giraffe bag

Bird Bag

Octopus Bag

Puppy Bag

Poodle Bag

Bunny Bag

My favorite- Alien Monkey Bag

Mouse Bag

Fourth Stop


This is one of the coolest bag on the block at any time. It would be fun to see the face of those custom officers at the airport when they see this bag. :) It is a wonderful bag for a gift to someone who travels a lot. Or to anyone who enjoys carrying fun and cute totes. The Xposed X-ray Bags come in 3 sizes: Grocery, Totes and Cosmetic.

Close up look at the Xposed bags

Grocery Bag

Cosmetic Bag


Fifth Stop


I know it's a little high end but they are so cute! And so unique that every woman would envy you when you have one of her bags.
All of these bags are adorned with beads and each bag has very unique themes and shapes.

Sometimes when you start to shop for bags you end up not picking one because they all look very similar in the end. But with Mary Frances bags you can not decide which one you want! Every single bag has its own name, won't that make you special too? Let me show you more of her bags and some of my favorites.

Mary Frances Gallery

These are just a few of her awesome bags.

Good Vibes

Tribal Beat

Ming Dynasty

Fetch - This one is very cute

Fish Bowl

Run for the Roses

Good Bag

Three Wishes

Ebony and Ivory

Carry-on - My favorite!!

Sixth Stop


The 80s never really left. Now, instead of carrying a real Boombox on your shoulder you can have it as your bag. I remember wanting it when it first came out. Some of them have real speakers and you can hook the speakers up to your iPod and play music as you walk around or go shopping. However I also love the regular non-speaker Boombox bags.

Below I have found a few interesting ones for you to view.

Have a look at these Boombox.

Ghetto Blaster and NYC Boom Box

L.A. Kitson store

The mini speaker wristlet bags. With one real speaker.

Parcel boom box purse, with two real speakers

Living Dead Souls - Large Boombox Bag

Seventh Stop


It's never too late to be environmentally friendly. I always go shopping with reusable bags. They are always one of a kind and it's so nice to always see other people using reusable bags and know you yourself is play a part in saving the environment. I always have them rolled up and at the bottom corner of my hand bag and you can never have just one. We ladies have more than one handbag, so we should have a few in each of our handbags.

Lately, I found Sesame Street has reusable bags too! Brings bag a lot of memories back and I love the Elmo one and the Cookie Monster one.
What is good about the bags is that you can fold and roll them up and every bag has a button to keep it rolled until you want to use it. Why don't you grab one yourself or a few like I did! Waiting for them in the mail :)

Cute close ups

Some really funny and wonderful bags!

I love them all.

Mince Meat Purse Perfect match with Lady Gaga's 'Meat' Dress. It is so realistic, don't you think?

Cheese with you all the time.

Oh, would this be better for Lady Gaga?

I love this cute little Hen bag.

Have a carry out when you are out shopping

What an awesome little bag.

Fortune Cookie purse

Ohh a workable bra purse

Cute Disc wallet

This is so Cool, don't you think?

Fashion Handbags For Fashioable ladies