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Kamis, 22 Agustus 2013

Purses and Handbags

Designer, Handmade or Middle of the Road

What is Your Preference?

Purses, Handbags and Pocketbooks
There are so many brands, types and styles of purses to choose from these days; From totes (which are usually considered larger), clutch bags (usually just for a night out carrying the basics like drivers license, lipstick, phone), hobo styles (sort of a "bag" that really doesn't have a shape with a long strap to put over your shoulder),

If you are more into the "Designer status," there are handbags made by; Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Christian Dior, Burberry, Dooney & Bourke, Coach and many other brand names.

Carrying any of these bags, people will usually associate you with being "wealthy, in a public status or a celebrity status." The average person usually cannot afford one of these bags or will go into debt to have one. It is not practical for me to even try and own one of these bags, as I change my mind too often and start hunting for a new handbag.

I have to keep my purchase price to a moderate range because I know next week, I will be looking for another purse to buy.

Handbag History - Interesting Start

The first purses or handbags were made not for any kind of fashion statement but were used for a specific function. Typically made out of fabric or leather, they were small and cut in a circular pattern with a leather strap or drawstring.

The early pouches were used to hold valuables such as coins and were surprisingly used by men. A lot of times, the men would tie the pouches near their swords for safekeeping.

In ancient times, a woman had less need to carry a pouch unless they were very wealthy.

Today, handbags are considered a standard fashion for women only. They can and often times are viewed as a status symbol and carried with pride and to "show off."

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Have You Heard of the Miche bag?

What An Ingenious Idea...

Miche Bags
For someone like me who changes my mind about a purse every few weeks, the "Miche" bag seems like the perfect solution to me.

You purchase a "base bag"; they have 4 sizes.

They have many varieties of shells to pick from to suit your every occasion and mood.

Look through the selection of Miche base bags and shells and create your own style.

An if that wasn't enough to make your bag unique, there are many selections of handles and other extras.

Select Miche Shells are 50% off

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