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Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013

18 inch Laptop Cases and Bags for Women and Men Reviews

Finding a laptop bag to fit a giant laptop

While looking for an 18 inch laptop case, I realised that often it is worth looking for a bag that is made for bigger laptops, especially if you need to carry a little more gear with you, hence I found myself looking at:
  • 18" laptop bags and
  • 18.4" laptop bags
And though I found this to be quite challenging, I did find some really good bags. Few people buy 18 inch and larger laptops, so the demand for large laptop bags is less than for smaller laptops, resulting in limited choices.

And when it come to the ladies, finding ladies 18 inch laptop bags, or the larger18.4 inch laptop bags for women, can be even more challenging if you are looking for an obviously feminine laptop bag or tote. So there is only one obviously feminine tote, but it is both stylish and functional.. On the other hand many of the bags here are more unisex then masculine so most women should find a bag or backpack that they like.

One of the things you might also have to look at is what style of bag to get as these laptops can be quite heavy. You have the option to go for a briefcase or maybe tote style for the ladies, but probably a backpack or rolling bag might be easier to carry if that is an option. In the end I found an 18 inch laptop backpack was the best for me, well actually it was an 18.4 inch laptop backpack, I decided a little bit bigger was safer, plus it was more my style.

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What to look for in a Large Laptop Bag

Finding a goog laptop bag for 18 inch laptops and over

Because extra large laptops can be quite heavy, some of the most important features to look for in an 18 inch laptop bag are, that the bag is:

  • Lightweight: you don't want to have to deal with the extra weight of a heavy bag
  • Sturdy: since 18 inch laptops don't come in light, you need a bag that will not fall apart after a few uses
  • Fits your laptops dimensions: While all the examples in this page should fit most laptops up to the measurements stated, it might be worth taking the measurements of your laptop to make sure it will fit for sure, or go for the next size to be sure
  • Has enough space to carry essentials: you need to have some space to carry the essential accessories in a convenient place close at hand, like within the bag. Having a place for other extras may not be as important, but some place for at least a few of them is always helpful.

18 inch Laptop Bag Reviews

Of all the laptop bag sizes represented on this page, 18" laptop bags have the most variety in style, quality and even color. below are some of the best, most durable and reliable bags you can find online.

While these bags are made for 18 inch laptops and should fit most, they should also work great for 17inch laptops as well. The advantage of using these bags for say a 17inch laptop is that you end up with more space to carrying any other accessories you might need to take along as well as some of your own stuff.

Most 18" laptop sleeves are not used alone, so may not have a carrying handle, basically they form a padded sleeve that protects your laptop from dust, pet hair, etc as well as from scratches from other stuff that comes in contact with it when you carry it in a larger bag or case without a laptop sleeve.

Laptop sleeves should be bought close to your laptop size for the best protection, you want as snug fit as possible.

More 18 inch laptop sleeves

18 inch Rolling Bag or Case

Or the lack thereof

Sometimes you get surprised that something you thought would be common is rare or in this case none existent. Wherever I looked, I could not find an 18 inch laptop wheeler, I did find one 18.4 inch rolling tote and a 20 inch laptop rolling bag reviewed lower down.

if you would rather get a rolling bag then that would be your choice. It is large, but then it is also easy to maneuver about as it has more of a vertical orientation, and of course it does end up giving you more room for everything else you might want to carry.

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