Handbags Prada's Design 2011 - 2012 ~ Fashion bags 2012

Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Handbags Prada's Design 2011 - 2012

Not so long ago a look book of Prada accessories collection came out. Prada Brand determined to present its Autumn to Winter 2011-2012 collection in boheme. Vivid leather and feather handbags, all these were introduced in new bag`s collection.

Prada's Handbags Design

The fashion show was presented in Milano where The Autumn to Spring collections of the world popular Prada Brand were introduced for the first time. It gave rise to many uncertain opinions. Either positive and negative. The most unforgettable and unusual in the collection were accessories. Handbags that designs were holding in hands and pressing to body especially memorized in the show and they were not only clutches but also traditional models of bags. It was Prada`s Fashion leader who suggested such an original way to carry bags.

Fashion designer handbags Prada fall-winter

To have a Prada's Handbags – is to live a luxurious and beautiful life… Remember the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. Why amongst such a variety of designers and fashion houses Prada is in the title? Because Prada is not only a brand, a firm…it`s a way of life: fashionable, glamourous and luxurious. Do you want to join this way of life? Do you want to cause envious looks? Then start with Prada handbags. Not with just a bag, but with a fashionable, trendy handbags from the new Prada 2011 collection.

Fashion designer handbags Prada fall-winter

Prada advises us to carry bright (blue, green) and striped briefcases in Autumn 2011-Winter 2012 seasons. This handbags is perfect for business woman.

In addition to the briefcases Prada suggests to carry bags with a shoulder strap. Bright, colorful, striped and plain, with a massive gold-like clasp - these can be defined as Prada 2011-2012 handbags.

Fashion designer handbags Prada fall-winter

And one more trend for Winter 2011-2012 from Prada - tiny bags with the strap - clutches.
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