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Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

Christian Louboutin Designed handbags

Christian Louboutin`s autumn accessories collection

Distinguishes a line of bags with elegant handles designed with feathers and thorns. Let`s have a much more close look at them.

This Fall Christian Louboutin pleased the fans of his brand with a new “sharp” bags design, which will absolutely like shocking Lady Gaga and Kathy Perry. An authentic handles design was emphasized their shoulder part is built of leather adorned with many decorative elements. Spears, short leather-based tassels, downy fur, gold studs, long feathers – here`s the list of elements which have influenced the designer to generate new styles of bags. It`s something new in the product style of the trend Christian Louboutin though every decorative element could be seen not once in bags and shoes Christian Louboutin.

New Christian Louboutin handbags are addressed for ladies with a dazzling style, each model conveys the character of its future owner. Leopard bag with comfortable feathers will choose a fan of glamour and luxury. Accessories with pins – a girl with a strong figure which easily takes things in a rock style. And the most luxurious models with sharp spines will take pleasure in the lovers of outrageousness.

Christian Louboutin`s  Designed handbags

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