Fashion handbags Dior Auntum to winter 2011-2012 ~ Fashion bags 2012

Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Fashion handbags Dior Auntum to winter 2011-2012

Every season fashion brand “DIOR” offers us new variations of a wonderful handbag Lady Dior. Let’s have a look at new variations of this handbag from collection Fashion handbags Dior Auntum to winter 2011-2012

Textile fabric is one of the most popular elements in collection Lady Dior during two last seasons. This autumn designers of French product offer different variants of classical handbags, which are made of sacking but it is not as primitive as during this summer: surface area of the material looks like materials which are used to create suits and that is why you can choose overcoats which have the same color and texture.

Dior Handbags by Phyton Leather
New arrival of this collection – models, made of denim. Jean models of handbags Lady Dior are very unusual. In fall collection Dior you can find light-grey and black handbags made of jean material. Bright handbag with texture of python is one of the “coolest” models which you can find in the new collection Lady Dior. This fall reptile texture (real or its imitation) is very popular. The brightest model is decorated with abstract fragments, which make rather big kaleidoscopic designs, against a background of which you can't at once notice classical decoration, which is made of a black bugle beads.

And, of course, in the collection of accessories of fall season Dior you can find classical designs of handbags Lady Dior, which are made of leather, which are the basis of this collection.

Fashion handbags Dior Auntum to winter 2011 - 2012

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