Aspinal of London Hepburn Handbags ~ Fashion bags 2012

Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Aspinal of London Hepburn Handbags

Aspinal of London Hepburn Purple bags are major information at the moment, as we've noticed with Mulberry's lovely Red Onion Bayswater series. Now Aspinal of London have got in on the action, with a stunning new croc Hepburn bag in am eye-popping berry tone that definitely shows off the superior of the product.

aspinal of london hepburn handbags

The juicy bag is at the moment available to pre-order, and will show up on the site on the 14th November. The Hepburn is a genuinely vintage shape, and we think this new color does it a world of justice.

An ideal investment decision piece for those in the market for a lady like, arranged handbag.
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